Had your baby buttons pushed? Learn three simple tricks to regain your equilibrium

One of your biggest challenges is coping with children.

top crppedYour baby buttons are pushed every time you see or hear about children.

They seem to be everywhere, maybe it’s your friends or family who never stop talking about them, perhaps colleagues at work announcing that they’re pregnant and, of course, every time you turn the TV on you see happy families.

You feel paralysed, you want to run and hide, burst into tears or something else.

There’s a voice in your head reminding you of the ONE thing that you can’t have and you feel really stressed.

You’ve lost your equilibrium.

I used to feel like that and I’ve used my experience and knowledge to develop these three simple strategies that you can learn in no more than ten minutes each.

Imagine instead that you’re no longer paralysed, the negative voice has stopped and you feel relaxed and calm.

How would that transform your life?

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And if you spend a few minutes learning each trick you’ll be on the way to achieving this.

That’s my promise to you.

The three tricks are:

Trick one: stop the paralysis.
Trick two: tame the negative voice in your head.
Trick three: control how you feel – go from stressed to calm in an instant.

It may be that you can use all the Tricks, or maybe not all of them apply to you. That’s absolutely fine. You can use all three or a combination, whatever works best for you.

And, the beauty of these techniques is they will be just as effective in other areas of your life.

What you can expect.

The first of the Three Simple Tricks to Regain Your Equilibrium will be delivered to your inbox straight after you’ve signed up and the others will be delivered to your inbox every few days. You can work through each trick at your own pace, and they are in PDF format so you can download them for later.

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I’ve spoken to so many women who, after having a chat with me, felt relieved to know that they’re not alone and what they are going through is absolutely normal. So if you’d like to do that please book a  complimentary session via my online diary or leave a message on my contact page and we can spend 20 to 30 minutes to get clarity on how we can work together to create a life you love.

You can move forward with your life and signing up to learn Three Easy Steps To Cope With Children tells me that you’ve had enough and you want to do something about it. Am I right?

So go ahead, what are you waiting for?

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