Living in tune with the seasons

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After writing almost 200 blogs over 7 years I realised how much support there was here & how hard it was for readers to find what they most needed.

I’ve therefore created a number of pages where you can find blogs about different topics.

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In March 2022 I tweaked my website so I’m no longer specifically supporting childless women.

My path is to discover who I am at the deepest level, to find my natural alignment, feel it & follow that feeling.’

And one of way I’m exploring this is by aiming to live more in tune with the seasons. A lot of my yoga training & practice has been learning about Traditional Chinese Medicine & the 5 Season Cycle (yes I did wite 5, the additional one is Late Summer when everything is ready to harvest).

And the more I learn, the more it makes sense to me to follow this cycle. For example, Spring is the time to begin new things, Winter is for reflection & being still & Autumn is the time to let go of what I no longer need.

There are many, many aspects to this & I’m not an expert but I do find it fascinating so will be writing about it from time to time.

You can read more below

You can read the blogs I’ve written about living in tune with the seasons below, some of which were written before I made the changes.

There’s obviously a cross over between the different subjects & you can use the search blog menu option to dig deeper.

You can read more about my book here.

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What do you want to take forward to next year?

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