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Thank you so much for purchasing ‘Finding Joy Beyond Childlessness; Inspiring Stories to Guide You to a Fulfilling Life.’

Here you will find additional resources to help you to work your way through the book. There are pdf downloads of the Journaling Questions, meditations and video interviews with some of the storytellers.

I’m putting the finishing touches to this page just a couple of days before publication so things are a bit rushed! So what I’m saying is that I’ll be adding more as time goes on. As I listened to the videos again, I realised how much wisdom there is in them and I’ll be reflecting on that in the forthcoming weeks.

I’d love to know what you think, if you have any questions or observations as you work through please drop me a line at and, I’d be really grateful if you could leave a review on Amazon please.

Let’s also have some fun. As it says on the cover, the book is all about Finding Joy. If you follow me on Social media, you’ll see that I’ve been posting photos of the book in the different places I find my joy.

I’d love to see where you find joy, so how about taking a photo of the book in a place where you find joy, and either post it on social media and tag me, or email it to me and I’ll add it to my page? Wouldn’t it be fabulous to see all the different places where readers found their joy?  In due course I’ll add them to a webpage too. Thank you  

 Act One. Call To Life

Act One journaling questions

Chapter 1. What Story Are You Telling?
here’s the conversation I had with Beverley Glick about story

Here are the images of me in Saddle.


Chapter 2. Setting the Scene – How We Arrived in This Place Called Childless

Chapter 3. Who are You? Finding Your Light

Chapter 4. The First Step: Change Your Mind

Chapter 5. If You Can Dream It, You Can Do It

Here’s the ‘if you can dream it’ meditation

Act Two. Finding Your Wings

Act Two journaling questions

Chapter 6. To Grieve, or Not to Grieve? You Know The Answer

Here are conversations I had with Lisa Manterfield, Tracey Cleantis and Helen Rebello where we discussed grief and other topics



Chapter 7. Letting Go or Letting In? You Decide

Here’s the conversation with my yoga teacher Emma Peel about letting go and Karen Malone Wright about the ceremony she had for making the ending



Chapter 8. What’s that Below Your Head? Reconnecting with Your Body

Here’s the conversation I had with Rosalind Bubb about connecting to her body

Chapter 9. I Love and Accept Myself Completely As I Am

Here’s the conversation I had with Cali Bird about self-acceptance

Chapter 10. I Am My Story – Putting It Into Words

Here are my conversations with Melanie Mackie, Pamela Mahoney Tsigdinos and Jessica Hepburn about how writing helped them



Chapter 11. You Don’t Have To Do This Alone — Finding Your Tribe

Chapter 12. Notice What You Have, Not What’s Missing — The Importance Of Gratitude

Chapter 13. Yes, You Can! Reclaiming Happiness And Joy

Act Three.  Learning To Fly

Act Three journaling questions

Chapter 14. Becoming Yourself

Chapter 15. Yes, You Are! Stronger At The Broken Places

Chapter 16. What Story Are You Telling Now?

Here’s the final meditation


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