Finding Joy Celebration


On 21st June 2018 I held a party to celebrate the publication of Finding Joy.

18 months previously; in a yoga class, I heard a really strong calling to write a book. I saw myself at the publication party surrounded by close friends and those who’ve helped me and the book become a reality. My body was flooded with wonderful feelings as I realised how much I wanted to:

  • hold the book in my hand and
  • show other women that they can have a fulfilling life and how to achieve it.

The writing process was both a challenge and incredible fun as I dug deep into the different subjects I wrote about. And it’s changed me in many wonderful ways.

When I was struggling, that vision of the party kept me going. So it was always going to be a wonderful evening, with much joy. And so it proved to be.

Here are a selection of images from the party and another opportunity to  watch the video where I answer a range of questions.

With Joy
With Roger
butterflies 2
Finding Joy Meditation
Friends 1
Butterflies 1
friends 3
With Emma 2
Signing Joy
friends 5
with Elaine
with Bev

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