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I do my best to keep this page up to date, however the number of those providing support continues to expand. I’m guessing that the list of Gateway Women is probably more up to date than mine! Please contact me if there are any sites that you would like to see listed.

I’ve listed below a range of blogs and websites and obviously they have different approaches. If a site is listed here it doesn’t necessarily mean that I support what it stands for and the contents of the blogs.

Several of the women who run these sites have also written great books. You can read about my favourite books about childlessness here.

Joining More to Life (MTL) (the UK charity providing support to those ‘facing the challenges of childlessness’ was one of the best things my husband and I did. I don’t know where we would be without the support of our M.T.L friends.

Gateway Women is ‘passionate and compassionate about the lives and futures of childless women.’ They also have a fabulous forum. You can read more here 

World Childless Week aims to raise awareness of the childless not by choice (cnbc) community. To help the cnbc find support groups that understand their grief and can help them move forwards to acceptance. You can read more HERE.

Walk In Our Shoes raises awareness in society of childlessness not by choice through a unique combination of a feet selfie and story telling. You can read more HERE.

In Silent Sorority Pamela Jeanne offers a place for women embarking on a new life after infertility to express their ideas. You can find it HERE.

The NotMom site celebrates women who are childless by choice or by chance it’s HERE

Life Without Baby is dedicated to ‘filling the silence in the motherhood discussion’ & is HERE

Civila Morgan who runs the Childless not by Choice website ‘helps women … find joy and meaning in their lives.  I want us to live outside the labels society has set for us.’ I find her podcast interviews really interesting.

Michelle Marie McGrath runs the Sacred Self website and in her Unclassified Women Podcasts she interviews a range of childless and childfree women.

As I search the internet I find that there are more and more women writing about what it’s like to be childless.  One I like is The Road Less Travelled which is HERE Loribeth also includes a fantastic list of many of these other blogs.

Heading down under, on the site No Kidding in NZ (here) Mali blogs about ‘living and loving life without children after infertility. Currently I’m a blogger, a self-employed businessperson, and traveller.’

Non Parents, here is a site for ‘people without childlren by circumstance or choice’

On the Childless by Marriage blog Sue Lick says. “In a society where parenting is expected, some of us do not have children because our partners are unable or unwilling to make babies. That’s what this blog and my book, Childless by Marriage, are about. The website also lists an extensive list of books on chidlessness.

Blogs etc written by men

A Few Pieces Missing From Normalcy is a man’s perspective where Greg writes about his ‘infertility journey as my wife and I decide the path that life will take us.’ The blog is HERE and he also has a resources page

And here’s Robin Hadley’s blog, Wanted to be a Dad. Robin is from the UK & has written a PhD on Not being a father: the experiences of involuntarily childless men as they age’.

Other infertility /childless blogs

By the Brooke

Bereaved and Blessed –  Learning to cope and find joy when life doesn’t go as we hope, dream and plan (whether due to infertility, loss, illness and/or other circumstances)

Stirrup Queen – as she says “the Stirrup Queen’s List of Blogs That Proves That She Really Missed Her Calling as a Personal Organizer”.  A great resource for everything to do with infertility, alternative parenting and childlessness.

Our Last Embryo

Savvy Auntie – ‘for cool aunts, great aunts, godmothers and all women who love kids’


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