I may not be perfect but I am a limited edition

Today’s post is a guest blog from my good friend Louise.

The strapline “I may not be perfect but I am a limited edition” jumped out at me from an advertising hoarding in Nairobi. I may not be perfectIt was ten o’clock in the evening and was a lightbulb moment even after a long day of travelling. I knew as I read it that I would want to write an article and finally here I am.

The words were on the tee shirt of a young school child but what the advert was for I have no idea as the taxi was zooming along and, despite keeping my eyes peeled, I never spotted the advert again during my two week stay.

Why was it a lightbulb moment?

Two reasons, firstly none of us is perfect despite all our best efforts.

Secondly, we are all limited editions.

Perfection has dogged me all my life.

Perfection and the need to be a perfect person have dogged me all my life. My life plan was always simple but I wanted everything in my life to be perfect. I needed people to like me. I hated breaking anything. I kept things for special occasions. When I realised babies may not come easily, I didn’t want IVF as I wanted what nature had intended, a naturally conceived perfect child.

Over the years I have learned to accept that no one and no one’s life is perfect. I remind myself often of the phrase “good enough is good enough”. I still need to be loved but realise that differences often mean we have to work with colleagues and show respect and tolerance without needing to be friends. I use things, wear clothes because I want to and today is as good a day as any.

I still remember a beautiful box of paints and crayons I was given as a 10 year that were never fully used because I wanted to save them for that special piece of colouring. Eventually they were spoilt in an accident instead of being enjoyed.

As for IVF, five rounds later we still did not hold that perfect child. As we all know only too well, life is not easy. Our bodies can play cruel tricks, people will let us down, accidents will happen and our favourite things will be spoilt.

We have a choice to make

We have a stark choice to make. Continue to seek perfection but be miserable and disappointed in the process. Or to accept life and all its, and our own, imperfections and make sure we enjoy every day. Even if we are having a bad day there will always be one small thing we enjoy. You don’t believe me? Look hard. It may be a good cup of coffee, the smile from a stranger on the bus, a cartoon in the newspaper or the sight of rainbow.

As for limited editions, the fashion designers want us to want them. Limited editions are different, they are expensive, they will apparently make us feel special and they are only available for a short period of time. What struck me about the poster was that our lives are limited too. No one lives for ever.

For those of us who are childless, who we are and our genetic makeup end with us. None of our unique traits, those one offs which are the result of the precise combination of our own mother and father, will continue to live after we have left this world.

That thought sparked a short moment of sadness. Then, I realised only half of our DNA would have lived on in our children so every single person truly is a one off, never to be repeated, exclusive individual.

And now I make the days count.

I also reminded myself that after years of pain and grief, I have found ways I never imagined possible to make difference to the world. This will be my legacy from my limited time here on earth.
Now, when I think about limited editions, I remember each one of us, childless or not, is unique, priceless; special and our days are numbered. As the saying goes “it is not counting the days that is important but making the days count”.

My aim is to make my limited days count in some small way every day.


You can read Louise’s story here.

It's not counting the days

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10 thoughts on “I may not be perfect but I am a limited edition”

  1. This came just at the right time for me. Recovering from a virus and feeling sad in a silent house for several days with my own thoughts, I heard today that a much loved former neighbour had died. I am now trying to hold onto Louise”s positive message even though I feel like crying. I am going to be that stranger who smiles kindly at somebody tomorrow. Who knows what might be happening in their life?

    • Thank you for commenting Sandy, I’m so sorry that you’re feeling sad today & I’m glad that this helped.
      Yes tomorrow be that person who smiles, and you never know, you may feel like smiling too.

  2. Thanks so much Louise,
    Your article touched my heart.
    It kind of reminds me of a Peanuts cartoon I saw the other day:
    Peanuts says ….Some day we will all die Snoopy.
    True, but on all other days we will not….says Snoopy.

    love Priya

  3. This really resonated with me. A very inspirational blog that tells so many truths. Life is indeed too short but it is very very precious.

  4. We are all unique, though at times it is hard to remember. So good to read this and to keep reminding myself everyday is precious.


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