Men and Women discussing childlessness

A few weeks ago when recording an interview with Viv Oyolu we touched on how different the journey is for men.

Viv had the great idea to facilitate a discussion where both men and women talk about what childlessness is like.

And here is this ground-breaking discussion.


Is it the first recording of men and women speaking openly on childlessness?

I think it probably is.

I’m joined by my husband Roger, Teresa Meredith and Robin Hadley. We talk openly about the whole journey from when we started trying to become parents to how different our relationships are now.

What you will learn

When you listen you’ll hear,

  • How as a couple our recollections are different (for example why Roger and I decided to stop trying),
  • How we struggled to come to terms with not having our own biological children,
  • What’s different about our relationships now,
  • The surprising challenges childless men face to have contact with children,
  • Our advice to others,
  • And the Blackadder moment!

So please grab a beverage of your choice and settle down to share our intimate and personal stories. And if you’re in a relationship, why not share it with your partner?

I’d like to thank Viv for facilitating this. I hope it increases understanding between us and encourages more people to speak openly about their experiences.

The other panelists were:

Roger Pyne

Roger (1) Yes, my husband to whom I’ve been married for 20 years.





Robin Hadley

Mr Robin Hadley portrait low res (3)From Manchester, trained counsellor and PhD candidate at Keele University. Robin’s training as a counsellor led him to research into the desire for fatherhood in involuntarily childless men as part of his MA. He then followed this up with a self-funded MSc exploring the levels of broodiness in females and males, parents and non-parents and his PhD explores the lived experience of involuntarily childless older men.


Teresa Meredith

teresa 2 Teresa has been married for 32 years, and describes part of the journey she has been through in coming to terms with, and overcoming, childlessness. Teresa has worked hard to overcome the sadness she felt at not being a parent, and her belief now is that life is for living, being thankful, and making the most of every day. She has sought out experiences where she and her husband have been able to give the love they would have given to a child of their own to other children and young people.

Viv Oyolu.

About-Viv.jpgViv is a storyteller. Amongst other things she presents her radio show Dream Corner, interviewing female entrepreneurs and female leaders in the City; and over 250 women have shared their journey about life, career and passion with her.



Over to you

How did this resonate with you, was it similar or different to your experience? Please share below.

I’d love to hear from you, especially your story, or if you have questions or topics that you’d like me to write about. So if you have any questions at all, please drop me a line.

I’ve spoken to so many women who, after having a chat with me realised that what they’re going through is absolutely normal. So if you’d like to do that please book a complimentary session via my online diary


2 thoughts on “Men and Women discussing childlessness”

  1. We come to childlessness in different ways, but it always leaves a hole in our lives. One woman I interviewed said having children was one of many things she hadn’t done, such as singing opera or writing a best-seller. She preferred to focus on the things she had done and the things she could still do with her life.


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