Now it’s easy to find what will help you most

I started my website in 2013 & this is blog no 189. 40 of those are Inspirational Stories, but at a guess I’ve written 150 to 200,000 words or, to put it another way, between 2 & 3 books. Crikey!

I’ve changed a lot in those 7 years & so has my writing. In addition to finally coming to terms with being childless, in that time I lost my Dad, worked through the grief I’d been holding on to, wrote & published my book Finding Joy & have come to a place of peace & contentment. Crikey again!!

Perhaps you’ve been with me throughout & have gone through similar changes. Or maybe you found me more recently, or are at an earlier stage of coming to terms with being childless.

Wherever you are on your journey, there’s something for you in my blogs.

But it’s been hard to find.

Until now.

So now it’s easy to find what will help you most (even if you don’t know what that is)

When I spent time reading through all those blogs, I realised that they can be grouped into a small number of subjects. So I’ve done some work behind the scenes & on darker green menu above you’ll find a page for each of the subjects below.


You can probably guess what they cover from the headings & just in case you’re not sure, below are short explanations:


Blogs about the thing you most want to avoid but must go through, grief.

Moving Forward    

As I was working through, I realised that the majority fell under the generic heading of ‘Moving Forward.’ So here you’ll find blogs on a range of topics which are especially for you if you want to start moving forward with your life & you’re not sure how.

Using Creativity to Heal           

A few years ago I heard the quote that ‘healing flows from your head to your heart via your hands’ (I believe it was Brené Brown) & discovering my creativity has helped me to heal at a deeper level & also brought more joy into my life than I ever thought possible. So here you’ll find bogs on how you can use creativity to support you.

Finding Joy          

Here are blogs I’ve written partly to support my book & also to describe how I found my joy.


On this page you’ll find guest blogs from authors or about books & also regarding events & radio shows I’ve appeared in.

Search blogs

The above topics (especially Moving Forward) are quite broad & here you can dig deeper into areas which interest you. You can see the areas on this image, the larger the text appears, the more blogs there are on the subject.

Where to start

If one topic specifically resonates with you, then please start here. Or if you’re resisting reading about a subject, then perhaps that’s where you should start (especially if that topic is grief).

Another place to start is  ‘Lesley’s top picks, my favourite posts’ which are a combination of those I really enjoyed writing & others which I think will be of the most help to you.

Inspirational stories

You’ll also see the Inspirational Stories heading which remains on the main (paler green) menu. These stories, written by women who’ve been where you are & are now living a fulfilling life continue to have a separate heading.

Some blogs will resonate with you & some won’t (& that’s OK)

I recommend that you take your time & read a selection of blogs, always knowing that some will resonate & some won’t. And that’s perfect, because what supported me moving forward, might help you & it also might not.

In the blogs you’ll often find questions, so I also encourage you to take time to answer them.

And as always, please read with an open mind.

You can read much, much more in my book, Finding Joy Beyond Childlessness.

Please let me know what you think

My only purpose is to support you, so please let me know by commenting below (you don’t have to use your name) or email whether you find what I’ve done useful & how it helps you to find what you need.

You can read book reviews and interviews I’ve done here.

And you can buy your copy on Amazon Uk  and Amazon US.

And a huge thanks to Stacey Chapman at Swish IT, who always makes everything behind the scenes seem very simple.

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