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After writing almost 200 blogs over 7 years I realised how much support there was here & how hard it was for readers to find what they most needed.

I’ve therefore created a number of pages where you can find blogs about different topics. Those are quite broad & on this page you can dig deeper into areas which interest you.

I think the headings are self-explanatory, maybe with the exception of:

‘Lesley’s top picks, my favourite posts’ – this is a good place to start. These are a combination of those I really enjoyed writing & others which I think will be the most help to you.

Don't let your dreams ruin your life helpful process’- this was a series of blogs I wrote in early 2020, you’ll get the best out of them if you start with the earliest one!

‘Story’ – I am a great believer in the importance of owning your story as a positive step forward.

Please read a selection of different subjects & always with an open mind

I recommend that you take your times, always knowing that some will resonate with you & some won’t. And that’s perfect, because what supported me moving forward, might help you & it also might not.

In my blogs I usually ask questions, so I also encourage you to take time to answer them.

You can read much, much more in my book, Finding Joy Beyond Childlessness.

What getting up at 4am taught me about enjoying Christmas

By Lesley | November 27, 2023

Several years ago, a good friend suggested I make a list of experiences I would like to have life & places to visit. Touching a whale in Baja was no 1 (which I accomplished in Feb 2020) & sunrise at Angkor Wat, Cambodia was second. So, it was no surprise that a tour of Cambodia … Read more

The one thing I’ve learned this year.

By Lesley | October 17, 2023

Is it just me, or is your mood mirroring the grey weather here in the UK? On balance, we’ve had a good summer, but I often find this time of year depressing as I know there’s 6 months of grey weather ahead. I have a process I follow in Autumn which mirrors what I do … Read more

Finding Joy Beyond Childlessness, 5 things I’ve learned in 5 years.

By Lesley | June 15, 2023

It’s 5 years since my book, Finding Joy Beyond Childlessness was published. It was a huge milestone, when I announced to the world that, despite being childless & my life not turning out as planned, I found my joy & so can you.  So at her 5-year anniversary I thought it would be useful to … Read more

What DOES your heart want?

By Lesley | February 10, 2023

London recently experienced its first 5pm sunset of the year, a visible sign that Spring is on the way. But it’s taking its time, one day I feel energy rising inside me & the next I feel flat & want to head back into hibernation. The transition from Winter to Spring is the most erratic … Read more

How to start the year in a way that supports your deepest intentions

By Lesley | January 4, 2023

As we head into another year where there are so many unknowns, you may be tempted to try & control those things which are in your domain & set yourself personal goals (or perhaps we should refer to them as New Year’s Resolutions). This used to be me, I would make a list & start … Read more

What’s of value to you?

By Lesley | October 10, 2022

It’s the time of year when nature leads the way in harvesting what it’s produced during the year, storing what it values to tide itself over the Winter & shedding what it doesn’t need back to the earth for nourishment. I find it helpful to do the same, to take stock of what I’ve grown … Read more

What a difference a dress makes

By Lesley | August 30, 2022

A couple of weeks ago I bought 2 dresses, had a lovely time with a dear friend trying them on & then a few hours later couldn’t stop the tears flowing throughout a yoga class. I think we can agree that crying for 75 minutes is an extreme reaction to buying dresses. It obviously wasn’t … Read more

How much is your life controlled by what will people think?

By Lesley | July 7, 2022

When I was 10, I was prescribed glasses because I couldn’t read the blackboard at school. Every morning my parents put them in my school bag & there they stayed, coming out only if I thought no one was looking. At one point the teacher phoned my parents suggesting I needed glasses; ‘but she has … Read more

Kintsugi – the art of repairing ourselves with gold

By Lesley | June 7, 2022

Several months ago, I spent a lovely day with friends on a warm glass making workshop. Only a couple of hours after I’d got my pieces home, the laptop slid gently onto one of my creations, breaking it into 4. Because of all my hours of yoga & meditation, my first reaction wasn’t anger & … Read more


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