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After writing almost 200 blogs over 7 years I realised how much support there was here & how hard it was for readers to find what they most needed.

I’ve therefore created a number of pages where you can find blogs about different topics. Those are quite broad & on this page you can dig deeper into areas which interest you.

I think the headings are self-explanatory, maybe with the exception of:

‘Lesley’s top picks, my favourite posts’ – this is a good place to start. These are a combination of those I really enjoyed writing & others which I think will be the most help to you.

Don't let your dreams ruin your life helpful process’- this was a series of blogs I wrote in early 2020, you’ll get the best out of them if you start with the earliest one!

‘Story’ – I am a great believer in the importance of owning your story as a positive step forward.

Please read a selection of different subjects & always with an open mind

I recommend that you take your times, always knowing that some will resonate with you & some won’t. And that’s perfect, because what supported me moving forward, might help you & it also might not.

In my blogs I usually ask questions, so I also encourage you to take time to answer them.

You can read much, much more in my book, Finding Joy Beyond Childlessness.

Finding Joy, 2 years on

By Lesley | June 16, 2020

Two years ago this week I became an (Amazon No1 Bestselling) author when my book Finding Joy Beyond Childlessness was published. If you’ve been following my blogs, you’ll know I love an anniversary as it’s a useful time to reflect on what’s changed (or not) in the interim. Normally I get inspiration from reading through … Read more

Tales of the Countess: Conversation with Cali Bird

By Lesley | June 1, 2020

This week I have something different for you, a video interview with a friend & novelist Cali Bird. I met Cali several years ago & her story is on my blog & in my book. She writes & blogs about the how creativity helps us, we share a love of Elizabeth Gilbert’s work & have … Read more

What does nurturing mean to you?

By Lesley | May 1, 2020

As we near the end of week 5 (or is it week 105?) of this alternative life we’re leading, the topic of nurturing has been coming up more & more often. So the webinar I recently participated in was the perfect time to discuss & share views on how we nurture when we don’t have … Read more

I’m sorry but you’re grieving

By Lesley | April 7, 2020

I don’t know about you, but these past few weeks have been really hard. Although both of us have been working from home for several years, this FEELS completely different. As I write, we’re encouraged to go for a daily walk & can shop; otherwise, we’re at home. I started off well; I made a … Read more

Are you living the life unexpected?

By Lesley | March 11, 2020

If you follow other childless blogs, your head must be deeply buried in the sand if you’re unaware that the 2nd edition of Jody Day’s book ‘Living the Life Unexpected: Finding Hope, Meaning & a Fulfilling Life Without Children’ is out very soon. She asked members of the wonderful community of childless bloggers if we … Read more

Are you ready to plant some seeds?

By Lesley | February 24, 2020

I’m hoping that, over the past few weeks you’ve got closer to knowing the answers to the questions; ‘what does my heart want/what’s my heart’s deepest desire?’ Perhaps by now you have a list of things you’d like to have in your life, others you’d like to do & ideas as to how you’d like … Read more

What does my heart want?

By Lesley | January 21, 2020

Welcome back, how are you progressing? (If you’re new here, we’re in the middle of a review as we want to be sure that our dreams are supporting us – you can read more in my previous blogs). To recap; over the past few weeks you’ve reviewed the garden of your dreams, identified what flourished … Read more

Who am I & what have I learned?

By Lesley | January 14, 2020

How do you feel having answered last week’s questions? If you haven’t finished yet that’s Ok, this is not a race. (If you’re new here, we’re in the middle of a review as we want to be sure that our dreams are supporting us – you can read more in my previous blog). Let’s start … Read more

Are you ready?

By Lesley | January 7, 2020

Are you ready to move forward with dreams which support you? If you’re new here you might find it helpful to read my last blog.  In it I shared Cheryl Strayed’s experience of how her unattainable dream was paralysing her, & letting it go gave her the freedom to be who she was supposed to … Read more


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