The Childless Collective Summit

To say that I’m excited to be telling you about the

Virtual Childless Collective Summit, happening between March 18 & 21

is an understatement.  It is

THE MOST EXCITING EVENT to happen within the childless community & you’ll absolutely want to be there.

I’ve been supporting the Childless community for almost 10 years &, whilst there have been gatherings, there’s never been anything like this. And, as it’s happening virtually there’s the opportunity to listen to speakers from all over the world. Without leaving your home.

To make it as much like an in-person conference as possible you’ll be able to connect with other attendees (also from all over the world) & ask the speakers questions.

And you can attend free

Reserve your free ticket here.

I’m really excited to be speaking on Day 4, & more than that I’m looking forward to meeting more of the community & answering any questions you might have.

I agree completely with what Katy (from Chasing Creation who has organised it) says on the sign-up page I know how hard it can be to find support and resources when you are designing an unexpectedly childfree life. That’s why I decided to bring all my favorite voices together for this one of a kind event. It’s the event I wish I’d had when I was trying to envision my life without kids.’

‘As Jody Day says, “The room called childlessness has many doors.” Our stories are unique, but no matter where you’re at in your journey or how you got here, this summit will provide you with resources and support to take the next steps. Over these four days, I’ll be bringing you speakers from all over the world to assure you that, while your life may not look the way you’d planned, it can still be filled with joy, love, meaning, and fulfillment.’

Amen to that!

As Katy says, wherever you are on your journey to finding your joy, there’s something for you.

You can check out all the summit details here

And here’s a quick overview:

  • It will run from March 18-21st, with 28 speakers over 4 days, focusing on a variety of a different daily theme each day, all related to living an unexpectedly childless life.
  • The daily themes are: Sharing Our Stories; Finding Healing; Making Connections; and Looking Ahead.
  • |There will be a Mighty Networks group where you can connect with other attendees, ask the speakers questions, and more!
  • You can attend the summit absolutely free, but as there’s so much content in a relatively short period of time, to get the full benefit you may wish to purchase an Extended Access Pass. There are two options available:
    • a Basic Access Pass that will give you access to audio and video recordings of the presentations for a full year, and access to Katy of Chasing Creation’s new workshop “Responding to Intrusive Questions and Unsolicited Advice”;
    • or the All-Access Pass that includes all of the above, plus transcripts of the presentations, tons of speaker-contributed bonuses and goodies, and exclusive episodes from some of your favorite podcasters!

Find out more about Extended Access & purchase yours here.

I’ll be appearing on Day 4, ‘Looking Ahead’ & my talk is called ‘The Unexpected Doorway to Rekindling Happiness & Joy’ & if you sign up to the All-Access Pass you’ll be able to download a chapter of my book.

I’m really looking forward to it & I hope to see you there.

Head over to the website to learn more and grab your free ticket for the Childless Collective Summit.

More information will be sent straight to your inbox once you sign up.

As I said above, this is THE MOST EXCITING EVENT to happen within the childless community, you’ll absolutely want to be there.

Reserve your free ticket here.



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