The warm embrace of belonging

The warm embrace of belonging

What comes to mind when you think of the word belonging?

When I read Brené Brown say ‘There’s nothing better than the warm embrace of belonging ….’ I thought yes that’s it, belonging does feel like a ‘warm embrace.’

Immediately I remember what it felt like being enfolded in Mum’s arms, then I think about how it feels when I’m with Roger, my husband.

I also feel that warm embrace with some close friends; those few friends who I know I can be open and honest with and I won’t be judged.

mentoring group For many years this was it; then recently I’ve felt that warm embrace in a couple of business groups.

Behind that warm embrace I know it’s okay to be me; that I can be open and honest about my challenges and there will be no judgment, only understanding.

In my small business group Karen Knott guides and encourages us and we continue to learn and move forward in both our personal lives and small businesses. Karen also holds us accountable for any commitments we make, and that’s important to for me.

My Business Mastermind group is similar; there’s no judgment, only support, encouragement, empathy and compassion.

These experiences lead me to believe that you had to meet people to experience this warm embrace of belonging, but last year I changed my mind.  

I joined an online group of women who wanted to be seen and to show up more in our lives. It was led by a therapist, Karen Anderson and changed my life. In the group I saw how I wanted to be, I learned many new things and most importantly I felt comfortable being open and honest about my life because I knew there would be no judgment, only encouragement.

All the other group members lived in Vegas, so I didn’t know them. However I felt that warm embrace of belonging very strongly. I also realised that not knowing them, and not having to meet face to face unless I wanted to, made it easier to be open and to be me. As an additional bonus, the benefits of the group continue as I’ve gained some really wonderful, deep and long lasting friendships.

Karen described the group as a ‘safe, supported and love filled space’. And it was; I can’t think of better words to use. And these words describe all three groups so wonderfully.

I now know that meeting is not a pre-requisite to belonging.

It’s fair to say that being part of these groups has changed my life in so many wonderful ways, and I don’t exaggerate when I say that having the support, encouragement and warm embrace of these circles of wonderful women keeps me and my business going.

Having thought about it, the things that make these groups more successful than others I’ve been in are:

  • We all have a similar aim, whether it is to grow our business or ourselves, we each want to move forward with our life in a way that’s authentic and unique.
  • There’s no judgment, only support, encouragement, empathy and compassion,
  • To use the wonderful quote again, we have created a ‘safe, supported and love filled space.’
  • For me, the group works best when it’s led by someone; when I’m following a specific path and being held accountable for my progress,
  • And it’s small.

And when I think about it, what it all boils down to is that I belong, that I’m accepted into the groups not DESPITE my vulnerabilities, but BECAUSE of them.‘ 

And I want this for you.

Which is why I’m starting a Mentoring Group for women just like you.

It will be a ‘safe, supported and love filled space’ where you can be you.

It will be a space where you’ll move forward with your life; where you’ll share your challenges and successes and most of all you will not be judged.

The group starts on 11th July and runs for sixteen weeks. Because I want to keep it special, there are only eight places and several are already filled. So hop on over here to find out more about the group and book your spot.

Do come join us and experience that warm embrace.

Please add any comments below, especially is you have any comments or questions about the group.

Have you been in a group and how did it work for you? I’d love to hear about your experiences.

15 thoughts on “The warm embrace of belonging”

  1. I’m thankful every day that I was lucky enough to become part of our small business mastermind group – like you, to me it feels like a safe container of unconditional love, acceptance and support. We witness each other, share our journeys and lift each other up – and you are one of the key reasons why we stay on track when we meander too far.

    This mentoring group sounds like the most natural next step in the world for you Lesley – the women who join you in it will benefit hugely from the richness of everything you share. For anyone that feels called to join, but feels scared or hesitant, if it helps, I would like to reassure you that you’ll be in extremely safe, loving hands with Lesley – and you’ll never look back 🙂
    Helen Rebello recently posted…What A Soup Carton Taught Me About The Power of MeditationMy Profile

  2. A beautifully written post, Lesley, and I can only echo everything Helen has said.

    The power of a small group of like-minded women to create a safe and loving space for deep (and so sometimes challenging) transformation is astounding, and I know from personal experience that you are an awesome group leader and facilitator.

    Lucky ladies who’ll be joining you!

  3. Dear Lesley,

    As part of your women’s business club, and as someone who is a huge believer in groups to support us and help us grow in life….I love that you are starting a mentoring group. I know it will be special because you have great gifts to offer.

    • Thank you Priya, I am so grateful for our business club and how we have that safe nurturing space and are willing to learn from each other.

  4. Being part of one of your groups has been so nurturing for me (even as my business ebbs and flows). The idea of a mentoring online group makes perfect sense to me. Best of luck with it. Xxx

  5. Such a cool idea! There is something to be said for being a member of a group where you can just be, without needing to have your guard up.

  6. A well written article Lesley. It is what I have been looking for, for such a long time, maybe now I am ready to embrace such a group who will be supportive and nurturing.

  7. It’s taken me years to feel a sense of belonging and that’s because of people like you Lesley. Looking back at my life there has been many turbulent times where I lost myself. With no support from people in my situation I was lost. It’s taken all these years to to find that support but I am here now. Thanks Lesley.

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